We Love Soul Dogs. They Represent The Best Parts Of Solana.

(Owner: A.B.D)

Hola Amigos,
Soul Dogs City is an NFT project developed on Solana that is pushing boundaries every day. From their gamified interactive Defi experience, as well as unique staking mechanism to the elite community, Soul Dogs City has made it very clear, they are here to stay.

We all know how important and incredible Staking Mechanisms have become NFT projects. Staking gives an incentive to those who can lock up tokens for a certain period of time, the longer the stake locks up their tokens, the more value it adds to the project as a whole. What I found so crazy to me, unlike other projects, this staking is uber innovative! For real! I played their demo, and it was actually the craziest concept to me, but it makes sense, and when investing in NFT projects; I found sometimes you just have to go with what makes sense.

Not only has Soul Dog City curbed traditional staking mechanisms, but they have also used staking to help build an entire economy within Soul Dog City! The collection of 10,000 Dogs will all be eligible “to go to work” aka being staked! Where it gets really crazy is that your dogs will all have different jobs, some jobs will have more openings, some will be more exclusive, and some will earn more $BONES (Soul Dogs Utility Token) as compared to other occupations! To add balance to the ecosystem, if your Dog has a higher paying job, he must be contractually locked up in staking longer than one that earns less! Jobs are classified from “Entry Level” to “Top Dogs” and doggie occupations range from Rockstars, Scientists, Detectives, and much more!

Soul Dogs City gives us an opportunity to Explore the first virtual city on Solana! Earn yield by sending Soul Dogs to work, renting out your Dog House, providing liquidity.

What?!! Did he say Dog House?

Yes, I did. There will be another Soul Dog City mint and 4000 Dogs will be lucky enough to own a piece of land within Soul Dog City! Wow! You will be able to rent this out to other dogs and earn $BONES that way as well. This team truly created such an innovative, interactive Defi experience, and I am so proud to hold a few of these. Packing my bags we speak.

Not only do Soul Dogs talk the talk, but they also walk the walk. They have done some of the most consistent secondary volumes I have seen post-mint in a long time, and well the chart says it all.

(listings currently sitting around 900)

Join Soul Dog City Today!
- A.B.D

Thank you for tuning in, we appreciate every single soul that supports our work. If you want your project covered or seek a business relationship, feel free to reach out to us!

Write us an e-mail: techdrasil@protonmail.
Let us connect on Twitter: >A.B.D< & >Umbas<

Best regards,




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