The Weekly Spore #1 — featuring the Bonfida ecosystem

Hola mis amigos,

thank you for tuning in for another ShroomZ article and the official birth of The Weekly Spore! Where does that new naming come from, you ask?

Well, in the last article, we started a rotating game of content creation, together with our beloved ShroomZ community:

Once per week I am asking a question to our ShroomZDAO member in our >Discord Server> and the Shroomie that answers it in the most interesting, trippy, or funny way gets chosen to be the winner — his prize is a Banana ShroomZ and the opportunity to ask me a question I have to cover in the next article, shoutout to our member Erek Egu that made me cross my thoughts on to the following question:

“What is the new Solana protocol you are most interested in and why?”

Solana Name Service (SNS) — built by Bonfida

ShroomZDAO Solana domain

To me, this question is both — hard and kind of a struggle to answer since there is such a sheer of synergizing protocols and programs, making the Solana Blockchain simply the user-friendliest and sexy one out there.

What is a name service and why do we need it?

DNS, or the Domain Name System, translates human-readable domain names like to machine-readable IP addresses like, and with smart contracts in crypto, that technology got kind of imported and adjusted for our needs.

With the ongoing marketing stunts by SBF, the FTX sponsoring of the Miami Heat Stadium, FTX, and TV ads, just the mainstream getting grip into crypto, you see where I am heading?

None of these people, and also not you and me enjoy the repeating and kind of difficult question over and over:

“what is your wallet address?”

“wait, let me check”


“ah wait let me copy-paste it, here you go: 93JcD52gQgTkGqADLhEo1E2vbqDkwXmuMGuz6bLh5hVa”

“you double-checked that”


payments made simple by the SNS

Here comes the SNS:

“Hey amigo, gib addy”

“sure thing, it’s vangogh.sol”

“dope, you sure?”

“Bro, of course I mean, it’s my name on the blockchain”

So you see, this is probably one of the most important steps in terms of nearing worldwide adoption — this is the easy shit you always wanted crypto to have, right here, right now, on:

The Ethereum Name System and its new token $ENS got a lot of attention recently and it paved the way for us to set up a more efficient, cheap, and smarter Name System but here is the biggest difference: With the Ethereum Name Service you only lend a domain, with gas fees it makes you spend over $200 for renting a domain, while bids for SNS domain start for 2.5 $FIDA, which equals less than $25 at the moment and you actually own this digital property forever — do not hesitate, try it, use it and change your life!

The market:

SOL Daily Chart

We are currently stalling in a range after reaching the new all-time high around $260 for SOL and currently bounced after a market-wide bleed but since the momentum overall slowed down, you can hear burning discussions, whether we saw a local top, the macro top, or are in for another parabolic run into the end of the year.

My area of interest is displayed in the chart above since I do believe in a necessary correction, but if we don’t get that, I do not plan on buying more crypto at the moment but rather continue riding and swapping more coins and NFT in the upcoming weeks.

Besides my most favorite crypto exchange >FTX< my platform of choice is Raydium swap and Mango Markets, which I am going to cover in the next article, featuring our first official YouTube video from our ShroomZ channel.


The market cooling off a bit, lead different NFT floors to rise and as we slowly approach Season 2 of the ShroomZ and, in my opinion at least, the end of this mini NFT bear market, my question to the loyal ShroomZ HOLDERS is:

Which feature would you love to see regarding $PSY and Season 2 NFT’s?

ShroomZ Season 2 sneak peek:

  • $PSY utility token
  • Utility leads to token burns
  • Needed for upgrading your Season 2 NFT
  • NFT staking with your ShroomZ which earns you $PSY

Oh Lord, we got so much in the pipeline, and it makes me more than just happy to know, that we can celebrate this all together in almost no time.

Until then, stay clear, happy and know the team is grinding non-stop behind the scenes to ensure a bombastic Season 2!

Big love,





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