How DeGods are disrupting the NFT space with the number 33.3

Third Eye DeGod Ownership: @toppestvalue

Hola mi amigo,

what I am going to tell you seems too good to be true, but I promise you I am not wasting your time by any means. If you are a Solana NFT enthusiast, you have probably seen it all from malicious rug pulls, to paper hand bitches destroying the floor of a promising project, which can be quite fucking frustrating.

Many people fail to understand the importance of community behind an NFT project, but I think it’s safe to say that this is something DeGods have mastered. Everything from their unique smart contract behind the JPEG, to the impressive marketing done by the team themselves.

First, let’s talk about the smart contract. It is impressive, and something you most likely have not seen before, this smart contract has an agreement that if you sell for below the mint, the current price floor, or a third party marketplace that isn’t the official DeGod marketplace, you will pay a 33.3% “paper hand bitch tax.”

33.3% Bitch Tax

How fucking wonderful is that, an incentive for holders not to complete imbeciles, but let’s take it a step further. What happens to that money collected due to the PHBT? Here’s where things get absolutely crazy, that Solana will go into a treasury wallet used to buy back the cheapest DeGods listed on the market.

Now for the smoke and gun on why DeGods is the shit, is because any DeGod bought from said treasury wallet will be burned! Gone forever, which leads us to DeGods motto… “Commons will be rare.” Think about it, if the floor consists of mostly commons, and the floor is being bought back and burned, that will significantly decrease the supply of DeGods while raising the value of them for holders.

Still not sold? Even after me explaining how commons will be rare? Okay, I get it you’re a tough one who doesn’t get shilled easily. More power to you mate, I understand. In the midst of the Solana blockchain, there have been rugs and failures that unfortunately many of us took a hard blow on. Ask yourself though, how many projects have you bought into and had to keep pinging devs in discords asking the same question “when marketing?” Just to A) either not be answered, or B) to see some half-ass ineffective strategy. DeGod marketing is some of the most genius stuff within the Solana NFT space to date.


Today was a huge day for the project as it was even trending on Twitter due to a genius marketing blueprint. The marketing team offered a chance to win a mythical DeGod using Twitter, but instead of it just being a basic retweet, it used direct engagement with influencers and their communities behind them. They chose 33 well-known crypto influencers, including the Solana labs CEO.

Check out the list HERE

With the volume of people who participated in today’s giveaway, not only did the DeGod gain massive traction and acknowledgment from the community, influencers who accepted their custom DeGods embraced our community and we gained over 2000 followers on Twitter in one day alone.

This marketing tactic was so impressive and aggressive that it has left the Solana NFT community in shock & awe. DeGods will be huge, one way or another. Whether you choose to believe it or not, they are truly the next blue-chip on Solana, and they not only walk the walk amongst the community, they talk it too.

Pharao DeGod

Come on! What are you waiting for?
Don’t miss the upcoming mint this Friday, on the 8th of October.

Be a God, join the: DeGod Discord

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And bless your Soul!

Much love,

Umbas & Richard from the NFTBois



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