Get ready for spooky seasons with the ShroomZDAO

ShroomZ costumes for Thugs and Trippy Bunny Tribe

Hola mis amigos,

hope you’re having a blessed start into autumn and are in the process of truly making it. With this article, I want to introduce you to a shift in the paradigm of the Solana ecosystem and the hottest topics that are just waiting for you to wrap your head around.


The past few weeks have been rough for the greater part of the NFT market — not only in the Solana ecosystem but market-wide, since our beloved grandfather Bitcoin has surpassed all-time highs and because of that, Ethereum & Solana surely had some amazing price action in the pocket too, which lead to a decrease in floor prices market-wide.

Solana price action

Effectively this is great news, so please do not panic and drop your beloved NFT’s just because the attention gets drawn somewhere else at the moment.

In reality, what we are just witnessing, is just a little dopamine detox, that allows us all to take a deep breath and focus on what’s the most important.
Your family, friends, and of course, the beloved NFT communities you are in.

Time has shown, that there are some black sheep in the market, trying to cash-grab and scam a lot of good-hearted people.

Luckily, the ShroomZ have some disrupting news and mechanics in the pocket, filled with a bunch of cooperations, costumes, and gimmicks!

By the way, did you notice, that some Tribby Bunny Tribe, Solana Monkey Business, and Thugbirds changed into a ShroomZ costume?

Thug costume made by ShroomZ

Rug insurance:

In cooperation, with the Thugbirdz the ShroomZDAO is going to reduce the losses of verified ShroomZ holders from evil rug pulls and wallet drains.

The exact details are in the current discussion but should get measured by the intensity and speed of the scam. Effectively, the situation should look like this: You, an honorable, verified ShroomZ member tried to mint the next “Bored sheep consulting business” NFT but clicking the mint button drained your wallet.

Now you check in to the ShroomZ Discord, fill out a form and after validating the transactions, you will be granted an airdrop, that covers a portion of your loss. Not only does that compensate for some of your losses — it intensifies the family vibe of the whole community.

ShroomZ Season 2:

In around 5–6 weeks the ShroomZ ecosystem is going to witness an upgrade to season 2, which includes several mechanics that are unseen in the NFT space. I am almost imploding out of sheer hype, but unable to share a lot of details. One piece of advice, I can tell you, as your Uncle Umbas: By the love of God, do not sell your ShroomZ, but rather accumulate some.

This is not a drill! LFGrow!

As ShroomZter leaked in the public discord some hours ago:

sneak peak season 2

Community driven content creation:

Let me introduce you to the Umbas Read Zone. From next week, I am going to publish an article regarding ShroomZDAO progress, a market overview, the hottest topics, and some personal views on my nftbois website to keep you all in the loop. But there is a catch and a recurring giveaway included!

I am asking a question in every article and you guys can find the most amazing answer to that. The winner will be picked by myself and @xxoommj in our discord.

The prize will be 1 Banana ShroomZ and the ability to ask one question back to me, that I have to answer in my next article. You pick the topic amigo, be it crypto-related or off topic, just as you feel like!

Galaxy Banana ShroomZ (not a prize, dis is mine ok)

That being said — have a mesmerizing start into the week, keep growing and always remember: The world is better with you in it!

Much love,





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